Adobe InDesign Tutorial – Creating Arrowheads

Adobe InDesign Tutorial - Creating Arrowheads in InDesign
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

Adobe is the software preferred by many graphic designers and even people who are not into web designing. This software has a lot of software which will cater to your projects like for animation, editing pictures, and a lot more.

Adobe InDesign Functionality

One of their softwares is called Adobe InDesign which allows user to have precise control typographic and customized graphics that can be for both the web and print outs.
Adobe InDesign has built in creative tools that will allow you to customize stroke patterns, edged lines, end point artwork as well as arrow heads.

When talking about arrowheads it characteristically means the stroke lined and angles. Arrowheads are automatically proportioned to the weight of the strokes lines. You can still make it larger by separating it from the stroke and using the InDesign tools and then connecting them using the “group” command.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own arrowheads. To get started, load your program and follow the basic steps below.

How to Create an Arrowhead

To create an Arrowhead you need to first go to the “Selection tool” which is found on the left part of the application. Then Click on the stroke of the arrowhead you would like to expand. You then go to the control panel and choose the “Scissor tool”. Then find the portion of the stroke appears just in front of the arrowhead. This will result to splitting of the arrowhead and creation of a second stroke of arrowhead in front of it. Go back to the “Selection Tool” and click on the arrowhead that was split off from the stroke.

On the right side of InDesign application menu, open the “Stroke” palette. You can now increase the weight of the stroke to your preference. Then choose the “Selection tool” again, click and drag the split. Resized the arrowhead and in line it with the original stroke. Click on the stroke while holding the “Shift” key to have both the arrowhead and stroke line simultaneously. Choose “Object” followed by “Group” from the control menu atop the display screen to make a single object out of the stroke and enlarged arrowhead. Then you can save your arrowhead to your computer.

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