Corsair CO-9050067-WW HD Series Review

Corsair LL, CO & Pro Series Comparison
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

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Having a case fan is a must-have requirement for any computer system in order to prolong the lifespan of the system and to maintain the life, quality, and performance of computers. Having an RGB LED fan adds an aesthetic appeal to case fans and to the overall computer system rather than just focusing on the performance. Below we have reviewed the three best performing case fans based on their performance, aesthetic appeal, quality and value of money.

When it comes to the best case fans then Corsair is a perfect choice. It is a well-known brand name for case fans and is known for being reliable, durable and long-lasting. It is one of the best case fan makers and it is no surprise that Corsair CO-9050067-WW HD Series, HD120 case fan has made it number one on our list of the best RGB fans due to its features.

Along with its usefulness as well as being value for money. Not only is it a great RGB fan by looks but it also provides excellent airflow to the computer components which is the basic requirement of a case fan as well as providing a great element of beautification to your system.

Case Fan Air Flow Performance

Moreover, it is used not just for the usual purpose of providing the exhaust or the intake but this case fan is also perfect to be used for radiators. This Corsair CO-9050067-WW HD Series, HD120 RGB LED, and 120 mm case fan is very popular with the customers in the market nowadays. All computer equipment requires a certain amount of airflow to keep the components cool.

The important components that need to stay cool are usually the graphics card or the motherboard or the CPU. If adequate measures are not taken for providing air flow to these parts, then the system can get overheated and may crash and the user can lose all their information. This fan is also quite useful for those who like to build their own personal computers and since it is available in these RGB lights, it helps the user to stick a particular color theme or an ambiance easily.

These fans are ideal to be used when the user is on the computer for hours especially for gaming purposes as that can really heat up the computer system. Even those who are working on the computer for long hours at a stretch may have felt the heating up of their systems if there is not adequate cooling on the systems.

These Corsair fans are the perfect choice in such situations are they are known for their high pressure and a great supply of air. These Corsair CO-9050067-WW HD120 RGB fans are available in a variety of options that the user may choose from. They can be bought as a single fan with no controller, or as a single fan with a controller or two or three fans with the controller.

Controllers & Quiet RGB Operation

This way the users can choose whichever options work best for them and how many fans they need to install on their systems. The controller helps the user to go over the options of effect, color, mode and speed of the lights. There are further options on that as well, such as the effect speed can be changed to high or medium or slow. The colors can be changed or chosen to a particular one that the user wants such as white, orange, red, green, yellow, blue and violet.

Moreover, there are different features of the lights which can also be changed around if the user wants and they can choose whichever mode of light they want such as, static, pulse, breathing or pulse and breathing, etc. This way, these fans give the users so many options with their great lighting feature that it is not available anywhere else at such a price! Furthermore, these fans are also known to be quiet and produce less noise as compared to other case fans.

For such a great quality of air flow and the air pressure it uses, the amount of noise it creates its almost quite. With its ultra-thin blades on the fan, it helps to ensure that there are less noise and less vibration. This way, those people who like to work or to play computer games in peace and quiet can consider this possibility as this fan does its job right.

By providing high-pressure air supply to the computers while maintaining a low noise, vibration, and turbulence for the user. This makes the case fan comfortable enough to be used easily. Furthermore, it is available at an economical price considering all the great features it is equipped with.

Specifications, Reviews & Conclusion

  • 12 RGB LED lights
  • Available as single, double or triple packs
  • Size: 120mm x 25mm
  • There are seven lights
  • Speed: 800 – 1725 +/- 10%
  • It has a two years warranty
  • 18 inches long cable
  • Light in weight
  • 3 button controller
  • There are options to customize the lighting effects as the user wants
  • The fan can be purchased with or without the controller
  • The fans provide a great lighting effect with around seven colors
  • The ultra thing blades provide less noise and vibration
  • It is easy to use
  • The fan is available at an economical price
  • It provides high static pressure which helps to cool down equipment quickly
  • It has a three fan connector with an option to purchase
  • The RGB LED lights of the fan work poorly at times

Most of the customers who use this fan are quite satisfied with the performance of this fan and have praised the looks of the fan, the lighting effects as well as its performance to provide adequate cooling to the computer components. Many other customers praised its durability and it’s strong and sturdy construction which makes it long lasting and durable in nature.

Others found is easy to use and simple to install. Some of the other customers, however, had negative experiences with the lights and as well as the lighting effects. For some users, the lighting effects did not work well, while for some the lighting itself did not function properly. Majority of the users, however, recommended it and gave it a high star rating.

Corsair LL Series

Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB 120mm Fan makes it as number two in our list of the best RGB fans. It is great for the aesthetics and for those looking to add some appeal to their computer systems with light and color. Corsair is a well-known brand name that is known for their reliability, durability as well as for value for money; it is no surprise that this fan is extremely popular with customers nowadays.

This fan is not just great looking but also performs great as well, with adequate cooling for the computer components which prevents it from overheating and maintains its lifespan and quality. Moreover, it is available in different colors and styles with various useful features at a great and an economical price. This Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB 120mm case fan is a great cooling fan that is on the computer system while adding style to the overall desktop.

It is from Corsair which is one of the best case fan companies for the computers and it provides ample air flow for the computers in order to keep it cool. This is ideal for those people who spend hours playing games on their computer or using it for their work nonstop.

Low Noise & Vibration

This leads to heating up of the computer as well as the motherboard which can seriously harm the working and the performance of the system and it may even crash if it gets overheated. Using the right case fan, with required air flow helps to prevent overheating and increases the lifespan of the system while keeping it cool. This Corsair fan is ideal for those people who get distracted by loud noises of the fan and like to work in peace and quiet.

This fan is quiet in operation and with minimal vibration and turbulence that makes working on the personal computer comfortable and easy. It is equipped with a 120mm fan with blades that are engineered to generate the lowest possible noise in the fan, while at the same time, giving the best performance in terms of high air pressure and cooling effects.

Moreover, this fan has the unique feature of PWM controls that has a dynamic speed adjustment that is between 600 rpm to 1500 rpm that helps to give the maximum amount of air flow easily and at the same time, minimizing the noise of the fan in order to avoid disturbances.

Furthermore, there are around sixteen LED RGB lights in every fan and they are divided into two different loops of light in order to give the maximum brightness. The process of using these fans are also quite straightforward and many people who are into building their own personal computers use these fans to match with their overall ambiance.

Specifications, Amazon Reviews & Conclusion

  • Equipped with Corsair Lightning node pro
  • 16 LED RGB lights in every fan that can be customized
  • Has their ‘best’ 140mm case fan version
  • Can create visual effects
  • 600 RPM – 1500 RPM
  • 120mm fan blades
  • System Requirement: Motherboard with an open standard 4-pin fan connector
  • It provides excellent air pressure and air flow for great performance
  • It is equipped with a quiet operation of the fan as well as low vibration
  • There is a possibility to adjust the speed of the fan
  • It provides a great and dynamic effect of lighting to a computer system
  • Installation of this fan is simple and easy to use.
  • These are available in single, double as well as in the packs of three.
  • Some of the customers found this fan expensive

Most of the customers who use this case fan were quite satisfied with the performance of this fan and praised the ability of the fan for the user to control everything such as the fan speed, the lighting effects as well as the temperature to prevent it from overheating. Moreover, those who were using these fans for building their own computers found the process of installation very easy and simple to do.

Other praised its quality and the fact that these fans are durable and long-lasting. Some of the other customers complained of the lights blinking and not working properly within a few weeks time. Overall, however, the majority of the users found this fan great in terms of visuals as well as in terms of performance and quality.

Corsair PRO

This Corsair ML120 PRO 120mm Premium Magnetic RGB LED Fan is extremely popular with customers when it comes to RGB LED case fans and this is why this fan has made it on our list of the top three best RGB fans in the market. It is not just great looking in terms of providing an aesthetic appeal to the computer system but it also performs exceptionally well when it comes to the adequate air flow and air pressure that should be maintained in the computers.

Corsair is known for their high-quality products for computers and especially their case fans which are extremely popular. They are known to be long-lasting and durable made with a strong and solid construction. This Corsair ML120 PRO 120mm Premium Magnetic RGB LED Fan is equipped with this unique feature of having Magnetic Levitation bearing.

This helps to reduce the bearing friction by magnetically levitating the blades of the fan dramatically, which helps to keep the noise of the fan really low and also helps to provide the best performance of the fan in terms of air pressure and air flow to the computer components.

Magnetic Levitation Bearing & Lighting

Moreover, the speed of the fan can also be controlled as this Corsair ML120 PRO 120mm Premium Magnetic RGB LED Fan is equipped with a PWM controller through which the user can have a control over the speed of the fan from around 400 to about 1,600 RPM which helps to keep the noise of the fan at the bare minimum while at the same time, maximizing the air flow from the fan.

This Corsair ML120 PRO 120mm Premium Magnetic RGB LED Fan is great for having it installed in the computer system as it provides the ideal RGB lighting that helps to brighten up a system. There are about 4 really bright independent RGB LEDs that are mounted in the center and provide a beautiful blast of light as well as color.

This is ideal for those people who are tired of the same old style and design of their computer systems and want to make it more colorful or maybe match with a theme or an ambiance. It not only helps to create a beautiful aesthetic appeal but also provides great performance for providing an adequate air flow which helps to keep the system cool and prevents it from overheating. This helps to maintain the overall lifespan of the computer and especially the motherboard.

Specifications & Amazon Feedback Reviews

  • It has a 5 years warranty
  • Fan speed: 400 to 1600 RPM
  • 4 center mounted RGB LEDs
  • System Requirements: Motherboard with an open standard 4-pin fan connector
  • Item Weight: 1.34 pounds
  • The fan provides great features where the user can customize, control and sync the lighting with other devices
  • It gives a beautiful lighting effect
  • Helps to cool down a system easily
  • It provides a total control over the fan speed
  • It is easy and simple to install
  • These fans are available in a single, double or a triple pack
  • This fan is a bit slow

Most customers who have these fans on their computer systems were quite satisfied with the performance. These fans in providing beautiful lighting effects, while at the same time providing great performance. Keep the system cool and well maintained. Other commented on the brightness just being right and soft rather than being really bright.

Other praised the fans ability to be really quiet and comforting. On its great quality as many customers have been using them for years. Some other customers found that the fan had a bit of a loud noise which was disturbing them. Majority of the users, however, gave these fans a high star rating and also recommended it to others.

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