Digitech Bass Squeeze Pedal Review

Digitech Bass Squeeze Pedal Review
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

Compression is a strange effect. If you are not totally schooled on how to use it properly, it can become overbearing and ultimately seem irrelevant and useless. If you do understand how the effect can help you when used properly, it is wonderful. I don’t know many folks that are schooled in the ways of compression and take its power and value for granted. If you have ever wondered what makes the guitars on your favorite albums sound so clear, punchy, and empowering, the answer is compression.

Most studios use loads of compression on everything from drums and vocals to guitars and keyboards. Digitech offers a bass compression unit that you do not have to go the studio to find. In fact, for just $70, you can have your own personal unit attached to your pedal board at all times. Compression will make your tone stand alone. It will set your bass sound apart from all others you encounter. By cutting all unneccesary external tones, the power of your tone shines through with no strings attached.

Smooth Audio Effects

You will discover that the tonal instensity of your bass was nowhere near the potential that it can be. With this pedal, you can filter out all the excess humming and buzzing that drivers so many players crazy. You will really have the ability to make your sound the most elite that it can be. The pedal works simply, like most of the other Digitech units. It has four knobs. These are Level, X Over, Lo Band and Hi Band.

This pedal has standard input and output features but it also has a mix out slot for running into boards in the studio and at shows. I was completely surprised by how great it sounded running directly through. This was very impressive because running guitars and effects direct generally sounds so horrible. Create tones that sound buried and underground. Dial in a compression that sounds strong and limiting and then amaze your audience in the next song when you slam in with the full force of your sound being enhanced by clean, direct nature of the effect.

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