Google Gaming Router Review

Google Gaming Router Review
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

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The NETGEAR can deliver over 1300 Mbps of service from your ISP within Wi-Fi range and the best of conditions, but the Google Wi-Fi System can easily rival that with its expandable mesh system. This ensures that you’ll be completely covered with very little addition to the original system.

Being a mesh-capable system, this router makes it possible for users to extend Wi-Fi range from the top to the bottom of a house. Add more Wi-Fi points as necessary. This is a system best suited for larger horizontal areas. One Wi-Fi point can cover up to 1500 square feet, two points for up to 3000 square feet, 2 points for up to 4500 square feet and so on. No matter how many points are needed and how large coverage is, the same speed applies.

The higher cost translates to more unique features. The device comes with advanced software that manages the network. This means you save time and energy since you need not manage the system yourself. The software will do the selecting of the fastest band and clearest channel suitable for your device.

The system is parent-friendly – or yes, even kid-friendly – with its Wi-Fi controls. Once your kid notices that the internet on his device has stopped functioning, the child is alerted you’ve pushed that stop-connectivity button. A companion app is also featured on the gadget, and it’s what you need to check what is connected, prioritize gadgets and share your password with visitors.

Is your internet service compatible with the device? It probably is. Major services like Comcast, Verizon Fios and Time Warner are compatible with this device. Whatever service you are using, the system allows for 2 GB of Ethernet per point. If the Wi-Fi points are hardwired, the entire system counts as one. All the points will use the same Ethernet for connectivity. Remember to plug all points into electrical sockets.

Are your personal data under threat with this sophisticated system? For those who worry, you are assured that the apps and the Wi-Fi points won’t collect your data – things like traffic within the network or the websites you access. Some data associated with Wi-Fi are collected though (device types, signal strength and Wi-Fi channel). For checking speed and network management of this router, see the toggle that says Google Wi-Fi cloud service. So you and your family are perfectly safe.

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