Netgear R6700 Gaming Router Review

Netgear R6700 Gaming Router Review
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

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When thinking about speed-issue free internet access, consider Wi-Fi routers. If there’s one already in your home, you’re probably thinking about bringing the experience to the next level by choosing a better unit. We have three to recommend to you.

  • NETGEAR R6700 – 100 NAS
  • Google Wi-Fi System
  • NETGEAR 6080 – 100 NAS

Our best overall is the NETGEAR R6700– it is the most perfectly balanced in terms of price and quality. The Google Wi-Fi is the best in terms of eliminating dead zones and buffering. It is the most expensive, but also the one with the highest quality among the three. Lastly, our best value with the least expensive price tag – NETGEAR 6080. For this one, you get a good working router and a very affordable one at that, but in terms of quality, the other two are better. Let’s move on to the details.

If you’ve got a hundred bucks to spare and you’re looking for a router that can support 20 devices at home, this unit will do the job. Why take home one that’s priced at $300 – $400 if this one will suffice? True enough, there are great differences among lower-ends and higher ends, but even with those, you’d still consider the extra capacity extra and unnecessary. So for everyone with 20 devices and less, go for this router.

This device has dual processors in it. When it comes to how many gadgets it can power, the answer is limitless, though you have to check the IP class you’re using. If it’s class c, the device can support 254 host addresses. Check for the DHCP pool size setting as well because it matters. Now, 254 is something that’s really huge for a home setting. There’s actually a limit, but that’s almost tantamount to saying it’s almost limitless. Watch Netflix, do online gaming and bring 10 more family members—it’ll be no issue. This router will hold and all your devices will work seamlessly.

The R6700 is a three-band router. This means that the device has the capacity of three routers. It can handle three times the load a single router can handle.

Some people even go as far as implementing the Internet of Things with this router, which anyone can do in their own homes. Make everything web-enabled, and it is possible. You can smoothly run all your gadgets at the same time. Count in the usual things like games consoles, phones and iPads. Add up more loads like bulbs, Amazon Echo, thermostat, camera, etc.

When you buy the router, make sure you are not tricked into buying the v2 version of this product, which is a later modification. The original is more powerful. The v2 is an updated version, but with different hardware. It must be that the company is hard up on financing to shift to producing an inferior device.

Now about bands: With this device on, enable Smart Connect. With that, you will have one SSID or one “network name” for the 5GHz channel. Disable Smart Connect and you have two SSIDs – one for every radio. For those asking whether there are 3 different Wi-Fi connections with this device, the answer is yes. Just disable Smart Connect and you have 3 SSIDs to connect to. This will allow you to control the radio each client or device is connected to. That said, it is shown that you can work with 3 different SSIDs, or two, or one with a full 5 GHz capacity.

Now, whatever shape your home has and wherever in it you are connecting from, this device guarantees you will be provided reliable Wi-Fi connection. It’s one electronic accessory that can also boost security, safety and privacy in your home.

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