Panasonic SD Card Slot DVD Camcorder, Model VDR-D230 Review

Panasonic SD Card Slot DVD Camcorder, Model VDR-D230 Review
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

There are literally thousands of digital camcorders on the market, all of which offer unique features and designs to fit your lifestyle. If you are searching for a camcorder that will offer you convenience as well as one of the most stunning picture qualities on the market, then there is a specific camcorder you should look into. The Panasonic SD Card Slot DVD Camcorder, Model: VDR-D230 has been outfitted with the latest video recording technologies, as well as the simplistic method of saving your movies. You can either choose between saving your movies directly to a DVD or you can save them to an SD card for easy upload into your computer or HDTV.

Product Ratings:

  • User-Friendliness: 4/5 Stars
  • Video Quality: 5/5 Stars
  • Product Features: 4.5/5 Stars
  • Overall Rating; 4.5/5 Stars

Main Product Features:

This Panasonic DVD Digital Camcorder will offer you the power of a professional camcorder with the convenience that only a manufacturer like Sony can produce. Since this digital camcorder weighs 1.1 pounds, you will be able to easily carry it around with you wherever you go and not have to worry about being bogged down with a large product.

You will be able to record your home movies directly onto a DVD, which has its perks. You will be able to easily record your movies and store them within a single unit. This will cut back on the amount of time it takes to store your movies.

With the Digital Image Stabilization System, your images will always retain a smooth and fluid stillness to them. This system will eliminate any type of image distortion or shake due to unstable shooting grounds, or if you are using the camcorders zooming modes. With 32x optical zoom and 1,000x digital zoom, this digital camcorder can easily focus on objects that are far away, making it perfect for wildlife recording or if you have children in sports. And with the image stabilization system, your videos will be smooth and cohesive.

Product Price:

You are also able to take still images with this digital camcorder. How you store your still images is slightly different then video. You are given two different memory card options to use to record still photography. The two memory card slots are for SD Cards and SDHC Cards. All images will have a maximum size of 640 x 480 and will carry 0.31-Megapixels.

This Panasonic DVD Camcorder can be purchased online and in retail stores for an average price of $400.

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