SteelSeries Siberia 800 vs LucidSound LS35X Official Xbox Headset

SteelSeries Siberia 800 Gaming Headphone Review
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

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SteelSeries manages to make an affordable headset that has the specs of a high end model. With it’s professional feel and design, they have created a great gaming headset. The Siberia 800 is the new top of the line model from the folks over at Steel Series. It comes loaded with 40mm neodymium magnets rated at about 108dB. The Siberia 800 is designed completely with very clean cut aesthetics. Although mainly made up of plastic, it does not feel cheap in the slightest.

Specifications: SteelSeries Siberia 800

  • Form Factor: Circumaural
  • Output Mode: Virtual Surround 7.1
  • Weight: 10.48 oz
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB.Impedance: 22 Ohm
  • Wireless Transmission Range: 33 ft
  • Battery Time: 20 hours

The SteelSeries Siberia 800 comes in a sleek matte black finish that’s easy on the eyes. The ear muffs have a glossy finish with the iconic SteelSeries logo on them. The headband has five padded cushions on the inside for an added layer of comfort. Everything else is fairly standard, and there is not much meddling in the design. From top to bottom the Siberia 800 is designed to keep a sense of elegance.

Design: SteelSeries Siberia 800

Comfort wise, the Siberia 800 does not fail. The inner band on the headset is completely adjustable to your liking. Although the inner band does not come with any markings, meaning you’ll have to guess your comfort spot each time. The cups are closed back like you would expect. They’re also articulated really well and you can twist them an entire 180 degrees with no breakage. The cushion pads on the cups are soft and easy on the ears. There’s no feeling of ear-crushing or cutting, which is always nice.

There’s no weight or pressure experienced on the head. Meaning you can game on this bad boy for hours on end without feeling like you have a bear trap on your head. The Siberia 800 is extremely lightweight, at just under 290gm it is one of the lighter wireless headsets you will find. Even with it’s battery, the headset stays under 320gm. It’s easy to pop the headset on and kick back with not much weight on your head. The only controls on the headset are the volume rocker and a power button.

The power buttons also double as a multifunctional switch keeping everything in the layout nice and tidy. Everything else is controlled by the provided headphone dock, it all felt very space age. The dock can control everything from the source of the sound to volume, surround sound options and even EQ.

Features: SteelSeries Siberia 800

The dock has its own internal led display for showing volume levels and sound profiles. Meaning you won’t have to get up from your chair to twiddle with the settings. The headphone dock also eliminates the need for any software support. Meaning you do not have to install any resource eating apps on your computer. The wireless range comes down to an impressive 12m (40 feet) with hardly any static interference. The Siberia 800 has very low latency, almost under the 15ms range, great for any media.

This not only makes it a fantastic headset for games but also works for your podcasting or streaming needs. Zero latency monitoring works well on the headset and you can use it extensively for amateur or professional audio editing work. The SteelSeries Siberia 800 comes with a plethora of connectivity options. You can hook it up with your standard auxiliary cable, optical cable or even USB. This means you can make it work with everything from desktop computers, consoles, smartphones and beyond.

The headset comes equipped with a secondary auxiliary audio-out output, allowing a second person to hear the same audio coming out through your headset. On first glance, it may not seem like that much of a useful feature. But it comes in extremely handy if you’re doing a two-person couch co-op gaming session. The SteelSeries Siberia 800 has some of the best battery life to ever come out of a wireless headset, official specifications state a battery life of around 11-16 hours for a ps4 headset.

Sound Quality: SteelSeries Siberia 800

However, most battery tests have found that the headset can last for 20 hours. The icing on the cake is that the Siberia 800 comes with not one, but two lithium-ion batteries. Meaning you can have one battery in your headset, whilst the other battery is simultaneously kept charging on the headphone dock. When you run out, simply swap them out and you’ll be up and running again with no downtime.

Moving on to the sound, the Siberia boasts the latest iteration of Dolby Digital 7.1 Virtual Surround sound. The headset excels at emulating three-dimensional headspace. This is a crucial feature that’s overlooked by a lot of gamers. Especially for competitive games like Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds and CS:GO where even minor sounds like footsteps are crucial to the game. The extra audio profiles available make it perfect for creating the best sims game or the best telltale games sound experience.

The mic works well for in-game voice chat and regular audio calls. Most of the digital noise is kept to a minimum. There’s almost no static or cracking happening in the back either. When you’re not using it, you can simply get it out of the way by sliding it back into the headset. To disable it, you just have to push the mic mute button on one of the cups once. As always, you can set your EQ profiles on the go.

For your gaming, music, and movie needs. Switching up from gaming mode into music mode, you can instantly feel the sound change its focus from ultra-precise environmental sounds to a nice dynamic range with pronounced bass, mids, and highs. Games are not the only medium that takes advantage of the virtual 7.1 surround. Movies instantly feel more immersive with the cinema-level rumbling bass.

Conclusion and Amazon Reviews (Pros and Con’s)

The SteelSeries Siberia 800 is a complete package through and through. It incorporates all of the right features effortlessly with solid design choices, style, comfort, and versatility above all. It solves all the caveats associated with wireless headsets like battery life and sound quality, creating a great product.

Anyone would be hard pressed making the switch to wireless with a headset like the Siberia 800. It’s these factors and many, many more that easily make it the best wireless gaming headset of the year.

LucidSound LS35X Official Xbox Headset

LS35X is the latest headset manufactured by LucidSound. It is the definitive version of its predecessor, the LucidSound LS30x. This model is officially licensed by Microsoft as the certified Xbox one gaming headset. LucidSound is known for making products that bridge the gap between casual headphone users and hardcore gaming gear enthusiasts. This Xbox Headset will be released on March 31, 2018.

  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Output Mode: Stereo, Windows Sonic
  • Weight: 11.2 oz
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Wireless Transmission Range: 27 ft
  • Battery Time: 18 hours.

The LucidSound LS35X moves away with the boring looks of most gaming headset manufactures and goes for a more elegant approach. There are no odd design choices like bulky physical characteristics or blinding LED’s. The headset has a fashionable look which raises it above the competition. It comes with two main color schemes; the classic cream white and gold or the traditional black and gunmetal.

Both options offer timeless and classic looks that will look great in any social environment. The Lucid Sound LS35X is mostly adorned with high quality leather that looks and feels fantastic. There are a lot of elegant outlines detailing the headband’s visual design. Near the inside of the headband there is a quilted pattern embroidered on the padding that gives it a touch of class and makes it look stunning.

Design: LucidSound LS35X Official Xbox

All visible characteristics of the LS35X point more towards a designer headset rather than a consumer grade one. Most of these design elements function as the primary controls for the headset. The outer rings on the cups physically rotate allowing you to effectively fine tune your volume and in-game chat levels. Logo’s on both the ears work as functioning switches, enabling you to mute the headset or mic.

Tucking away these controls to serve as dual natured visual aesthetics shows LucidSound’s innovative design decisions. The comfort level of the LS35X is unmatched, due to its use of high-quality memory foam padding. The memory foam starts out as a tough and rigid surface but starts to mould through exposure to heat and pressure to the head. After a while, it will soften to the contours from the user’s head. This makes the headset adapt to the shape of your head, giving you a unique sense of comfort.

When it comes down to audio gear, there is often a big divide between gaming headsets and regular headsets meant for listening to music. This can make it hard for a newcomer to make their decisions on what to buy. Manufacturers tend to complicate this further by catering to different markets. There are gaming headsets, sports headsets, headsets for music playback and headphones for professional audio editing. And while they are all really great at their express purposes there is no one size fits all.

Features: LucidSound LS35X Official Xbox

It may become difficult for someone to stop after looking at just one pair, considering how there are and how many cater to different purposes. Thankfully, LucidSound provide a solution to this addictive behavior by providing you with a headset that doesn’t skimp on anything. Functionality, performance and looks are taken into consideration for the LS35X. The LS35X is designed primarily for game audio.

Although it handles music playback pretty decently. You have a range of EQ options that allow you to tailor the sound for your application. Switching between these options on the fly is easy and you can go back and forth choosing the sound you want out of the headset. You can even save presets on the headset itself conveniently saving you from having to tweak the settings everytime. The LS35X can be hooked up wirelessly to the Xbox One using the wireless dongle provided, it’s a simple plug and play.

You can use the headset from quite a distance without ever having to experience any interference or latency issues. The battery time of the headset is variable depending on how you are using it. For the most part, you should get a good 15 hours out of it on a full charge. But if that seems too much like a hassle, you can always plug it in directly with the 3.5mm cable, this conserves the battery completely.

Sound Quality: LucidSound LS35X Official

The huge 55mm audio drivers on the LS35X deliver a rich powerful sound with tons of audio fidelity. Switching to game mode widens the audible spectrum of the headset giving you better feedback of your virtual surroundings. Music playback is equally phenomenal and the headset complements a variety of musical genres well. There is an accurate representation of deep lows and balanced highs.

Everything is seamlessly blended together in a cohesive whole. While the LucidSound LS35X does not come with Dolby 7.1 Virtual surround, the headset uses a functionally similar program called Windows Sonic to produce the localized sounds. The microphone on theLS35X can be tucked away or detached entirely, making the headset look that much cleaner. When muted, the blue LED’s on the mic flashes, indicating that the microphone has been disabled, using LED’s in this way, was a handy little feature.

Removing the microphone from the headset automatically enables a secondary internal mic to switch on inside the headset. This way you will still retain the functionality of a microphone without having it be directly in front of you. This headset does a fantastic job of filtering out unnecessary background noise while retaining proper voice quality. The built in noise gate samples each users individual voice.

Conclusion and Amazon Reviews (Pros and Con’s)

It then filters out any extra frequencies and background noise, leaving only crisp speech behind. It is worthwhile to note that using the microphone in wireless mode will slightly hamper its quality. This can be mitigated by directly attaching the headset via the 3.5mm jack. However, the overall drop in quality is not that significant and most users in any team chat will likely not notice any drop in quality.

It’s hard not to recommend the LS35X. LucidSound has you covered on all fronts be it sound, comfort or looks. Coming across a complete package like this is not just expensive, it’s incredibly rare. Yet, the LS35X Official Xbox Headset manages to deliver in every aspect making it the best Xbox One headset.

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