Video Game Review: Tales from the Borderlands

Video Game Review Tales from the Borderlands
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

Tales from the Borderlands is a comedy graphic adventure game by Telltale Games. The game is based off of Gearbox’s series of Borderlands game and features many of the recurring characters and themes from the franchise. The game was released initially on the 25th of November 2014. Tales from the Borderlands was made available on different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.

The game ended up being widely acclaimed for its use of canonical references, quirky characters, and its zany sense of humor. The game has received many awards for its story and character voice acting. The game’s review scores have leaned towards the upper end by various gaming publications.


The story of Tales from the Borderlands is focused on the popular action shooter/rpg series of the same name. The game starts off in the planet of Pandora where the myths involving vast vaults containing treasure and riches drives a lot of vault hunter towards the planet. One of these is the infamous Hyperion Corporation whose vested self interests have them trying to take over the planet by any means necessary.

In the game, there are two protagonists that can be controlled over the course of the game. The two characters are Rhys, a Hyperion employee, and Fiona a con artist and swindler. The story unfolds depending on your choices often with very humorous consequences.


The graphics of the game are much improved over the previous Telltale titles. The cell shaded aesthetic of the Borderland games is very well captured in Tales from the Borderlands with detailed character models with defined shading lines.


The soundtrack is largely made up of licensed songs from a variety of different rock and pop groups such as Jungle, The Rapture, James Blake, Twin Shadow, and First Aid Kit. The rest of score features quirky orchestral pieces that mimic the humor of the game.


The gameplay is very similar to previous games where choices are selected to advance the story and puzzles can be solved along with quick time action events where button prompts indicate when to press the buttons at the precise moments.


Tales from the Borderlands is a great game that features great humor, characters and an enjoyable story. If you’re a fan of the Borderlands series this game is a must have.

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