Video Game Review: The Sims Medieval

Video Game Review The Sims Medieval
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

The Sims Medieval is a spinoff game based off the original Sims franchise. The game was released on the 22nd of March, 2011. The game was originally released for Windows PCs before it was ported to Mac OS X.  The game was also ported to mobile platforms such as iOS and Windows Phone. The Sims Medieval is meant to be set in the medieval fantasy setting with the same basic functionality as the Sims games.


The Sims Medieval retains the same basic gameplay elements of the main games but with added twists and functionality. You take control of a kingdom controlling different character classes and completing objectives. There are nine different hero classes you can choose from like monarchs, wizards, spies, priests, blacksmiths, physicians, knights, merchants, bards. Once you choose a hero class you then embark on character specific quests. Completing these quests will fulfill your class’ aspirations, further developing the character.

This game tends to focus more on the role playing and quest completing elements. There is very little focus on the core functionality of the previous games such as building houses or making relationships. This is one reason why the game is a little less preferred over other games in the franchise.


Te graphics in the Sims: Medieval reflect on the fantasy setting. There are notable architectures such as high walled castles, moats and even watch towers. The characters have their clothing that matches the era in which the game is set.


The sound of the game is focused on the medieval era. The soundtrack features orchestral themes and folk tunes as well as sung ballads. The bards in the game will often sing songs in the Sims own Simlish language.


The Sims Medieval features quests that aren’t seen in any other Sims game. There is even a hint of a story in the games quests. These quests are usually very fun and challenging and offer the player many rewards. Another addition to the game is the cooperative feature that lets two classes band together to complete a quest. You can take two completely different classes and use their complementary abilities to your advantage.


The Sims Medieval presents something new and exciting to the Sims franchise. It may not be for everyone but it does present an interesting alternative. If you ever feel like diving into medieval fantasy, The Sims Medieval is the game for you.

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