A Quick Summary of Cybertron PC’s

A Quick Summary of Cybertron PC's
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

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If you’re a gaming enthusiast or simply someone who needs a PC that works efficiently, give CybertronPC a shot. They’re known as a company that creates systems that can hold up pretty well under pressure. We’ve reviewed three of their PCs – the Borg-Q Gaming Desktop, the Palladium 950Z Gaming PC and the Electrum QS-A6 Gaming Desktop.  After putting both through tests, we found the Borg-Q as the one that has the best balance in quality and price.

Quality-wise, the Palladium 950Z tops. However, it is also the most expensive and may not fit anyone who is working with budget or planning to buy multiple PCs. The Electrum QS-A6 is the sure winner when we considered value. It is the most affordable, but has lesser quality compared to the other two. Nevertheless, this lesser-priced PC also performs the job well.

Borg-Q Gaming Desktop

The Borg-Q is a good balance between power and speed. With the quality components that it has, it can provide seamless performance for whatever you might need it for. It offers satisfactory high speed performance for gamers, YouTube video makers, video editors and those who need to run certain demanding programs, such as Biofeedback.

The hard drive capacity for this computer is 1TB. That means you can save tons of games in it and have enough extra storage space for your movies, music and all other bits of your digital life.

This PC also features a DVD-RW optical drive for data backups and software installation. The OS for the system is Windows 10 Home, providing a dependable and consistent environment for all computing needs. Because it uses this particular OS, anyone with biorhythm needs can easily install the needed drivers for their program.

Now there are also a few upgrades that can be done on this PC, which is especially recommended to gamers. Customer support gladly welcomes requests for assistance on upgrades/updates. The upgrades are:

  • Graphic Card. The current card’s unable to run latest AAA games. An example would be Fallout Crisis. It will not run this game even under the lowest setting. For this, your upgrade would be either GTX 960 or GTX 750TI.
  • The 500 watt power that came with the PC can support both cards. However, you may opt to upgrade to 750 watts. That is if you’re looking into further upgrades in the future.
  • The mother board contains 4 RAM slots holding up a total of 1.8 GB RAM. Some users replaced the capacity opting for Kingston Hyper X RAM with 4 GB capacity each. Some people use 2 of these and have another 2 as reserves.

These upgrades are strictly recommended for gamers. Insisting not to implement them if you intend on using the set-up for gaming can lead to a damaged video card and hard drive after 2 months or so.

You might also encounter constant shutdowns or overheating. To help you correct the problem, the system must be supported with additional ventilation. This requires installation of 3-5 additional fans.

Now, here’s one for your protection: CybertronPC has reported about some companies selling counterfeit products. To protect yourself, make sure that the PC has the company’s logo attached to it, has proper documentation and arrives to you packed in the company’s box.

Feel free to contact customer support for questions and clarifications. They are a bunch with strong customer service reputation. You can call them to verify whether the PC you have received is a genuine CybertronPC or a fake one.

Palladium 950Z Gaming PC

This is the clear winner when it comes to quality specs and features. It is well-built and works fast. There are some isolated issues raised by users, but they don’t matter much compared to the good reputation of this device.

Any problems encountered with this machine can be easily referred to the company’s customer support. To reiterate, they are great and knowledgeable on the common problems of their PCs, and they truly extend help and solve customer issues fast.

When it comes to the 950Z, your ultimate benefit is its fast performance. True enough, this PC is a performance-inspired gaming system. It’s powered by the 7th-gen Intel Core i7-7700K processor, which means your plays and internet activities will be supported by speeds that can be boosted by the system to a maximum of 4.5 GHz. That also means maximizing computing time over intense multitasking and gaming.

Unlike the Borg-Q, which uses the NVIDIA GT 710 graphics, the graphic card for the 950Z is NVIDIA GTX 1050. This graphic card houses the super-fast 2GB GDDR5 memory. There is no need for card replacements, as this card is sufficient for today’s often demanding game titles.

Overheating or shutdowns are not likely occurrences for this PC. The design is meant to allow constant airflow and it can also support future upgrades. Therefore, there’s no need for thinking about getting additional fans.

The 950Z is also powered by the same Window Home 10 that powers the Borg-Q. Both models feature the DVD-RW optical drive.

Overall, this is what you’re getting from this computer – fast performance, mega processing power, clear and crisp graphics and seamless computer experience from Windows 10.

Some people are asking why does it have a lower price compared to other brands that are powered by GTX 970? The answer is simple. Others have components with name brands that have good reviews. In contrast, the components for 950Z are cheaper, but nevertheless, there is no significant difference in their performance.

Turning on to questions you might be asking: there is a question raised on whether or not the RAM for this computer can be upgraded. How many RAM slots do we have here? Unfortunately, you can’t tamper with the pre-installed slots. There are reports that the 970Z model does allow for RAM additions, enabling the newer system to have a capacity of 32 GB. But that is for 970Z and not for 950Z.

For people who are interested, this computer can be used with more than one monitor. It has DVI, mini HDMI and two display ports. That’s a total of four monitors that you can use.

Electrum QS-A6 Gaming Desktop

The Electrum QS-A6 is the cheapest model in this review, but don’t judge it by its price. It may not have the kind of quality that’s in the Borg-Q or the 950Z, but it is one of the best and most affordable choice if you do light gaming. It is also recommended for web surfing and some general activities. If you are hardcore gamer, sad to say, this very affordable machine is not ideal for you.

Also Windows 10 enabled, this model carries a RAM size of 16 GB and is run by the AMD A6 processor series. Processor speed is only up to 3.5 GHZ with AMD Radeon R5 as graphics processor. Hard drive is a measly 1000 GB, compared to the 1 TB drive capacity of the above computers.

As you can see the specs aren’t that spectacular, so the next question would be what tasks can this PC can do well? To answer this question, let’s start with STEAM games. If you are into this category of games, then you’ll say that this computer is good for the price. You can play a huge number of STEAM games with it and play them with no lags. But be careful with large games like Rust as they will push this computer to its limits.

If your work requires photo editing for the promotion of your business, this computer will work like a charm. It works well with most photo editing software out in the market. If there’s a need to add a capture card or an A mic, this computer accommodates that as well. Checkout the many ports that it has.

The computer can be used with Wi-Fi. However, it doesn’t come with an adapter for Wi-Fi. Sadly, you need to buy an adapter separately for this purpose. The good thing is that there are no bad reports telling of bad experiences when connecting the adapter, so that should be a breeze to do. Another good thing is that you don’t need to use an installation CD to activate the Wi-Fi function.

Now for some questions:

  • Can I do a GTX 1050 graphics card upgrade with this computer?

The answer is yes, as long as the card is GDDR5.

  • Does this computer have all the parts inside?

This is a computer and not just a case. That said there is no DVD/CD driver or built-in WI-FI. Be aware too, that it comes with no monitor.

  • Is it ready to be used out of the box?

Yes, it is. Initial setup, Windows and your preferences are ready to use the first time you turn the computer on.

Choose a computer based on your needs and your budget capacity. Whatever option you go with, make sure you know what’s coming to your home and to confer always with customer support any issues you will encounter.

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