Corsair Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Corsair Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

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The Corsair Strafe is intended to provide a cheaper option to the K series without compromising build quality and performance.


The Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is designed strikingly different from Corsair’s K series. Aside from not having the thick slice of aluminum at the top, its overall shape is different as well.

It has a simple design, but the plain black keys and framework blends pretty well with the red backlighting. Moreover, the frequent use of the strips of light for the “Lock” key indicators and the side makes for a cohesive overall design.

This keyboard has a plastic finish, but it has a steel core to help ensure it will not slide around your desk,


Together with the backlit Cherry MX keys, the Strafe has switches for locking the Windows keys and adjusting the backlight brightness.

There is no dedicated gaming or multimedia keys, but when you press the Fn key + F7-F12 keys, you will have basic multimedia functions.

There is also a USB pass-through port. Although it is just one USB 2.0 port, it still offers you a place to plug in your mouse. You can use the port by plugging in the second USB plug, which is located at the end of the cable.

The hardware features are ordinary, but Corsair emphasizes that the key switches of the Strafe are Cherry MX and not one of the cheaper units. It uses the Corsair’s outstanding Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software. This software allows you to assign medic controls, program macros, and set up the keyboard in general. You can also use the software to program the backlighting.

While you cannot adjust the color, you can adjust backlighting layouts and make trendy animations for different apps or games. You can also choose a predefined lighting scheme, such as pulse, visor, or rain.


• Durable construction
• USB pass-through
• Lively customization
• Genuine Cherry MX switches


• It does not have dedicated macro/media keys
• Improved software, but still complex


• Fully programmable keys
• Dynamic backlighting
• Weight: 2.02 lbs.


The Corsair Strafe is great to type on, has a stylish design, and many gamers enjoy the backlighting. Corsair wanted it to be a cheaper option to the K70 RGB and it has achieved that goal, but it lost the dedicated multimedia keys, RGB backlighting, and premium metal finish. However, compared to other gaming keyboards on its price range, the Strafe boasts a programmable backlighting.

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