Havit HV-KB558CM Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Review

Havit HV-KB558CM Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Review
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

This post is really old, there is a new version available: Best Gaming Keyboard Under $50 ~ Alyssia 🙂

The HAVIT HV-KB558CM keyboard and mouse combo has lots of customizable features, which can get gamers really excited. Aside from that, both the keyboard and mouse both have an appealing aesthetic to them.


• The keyboard has special keys that you can use as shortcuts for certain actions. This will add to the ease of gaming.
• There are also standard shortcut keys for the homepage, Function keys, and email, so you can also use the keyboard for other applications.
• The keyboard and mouse has several LED backlight options. You can choose a breathing mode and customize brightness.
• You can easily work at any resolution because you can adjust the DPI of the mouse for up to 2400DPI.


It has a pretty decent keyboard quality. Although it is not a mechanical keyboard, it offers the best value for its price range. The media keys are located on the left side and allow you to play/pause music and adjust the volume. There are also keys at the top to allow you to access My Computer, Home, or open your email.

The keys are soft, so they are easy to press down and offer precise input. Many users found that they did not require an adjustment period while using this keyboard. The keys also feel like mechanical keys. It has a thick aluminum panel that is durable, but not heavy.


The mouse has weight and a nice glow, but it feels inferior compared to other mice. You can easily access the front and back buttons, but they feel rubbery and soft. Despite that, there is a grip like feel on the surface of the mouse that will prevent it from slipping on sweaty hands.


• Inexpensive
• The keys are soft and provide precise input
• Easy to reach media keys


• The wheel of the mouse offers little resistance and it feels unpleasant when you scroll fast



Wired (6 feet)
Interface: USB
Number of keys: 104
Cable length: about 5 feet
Size: 19.07 x 8.17 x 1.26 inches
Weight: 1.68 lbs.


Wired (6 feet)
Interface: USB
Cable length: 5.25 feet
Size: 5.11 x 2.75 x 1.6 inches
Buttons: 6 (scroll wheel, left, right, back, forward, DPI button)


Overall, this great-looking keyboard and mouse combo is well-designed. Considering its cheap price, it performs well, so this will allow gamers to have a pretty good experience from their game.

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