HyperX Cloud vs HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud vs HyperX Cloud Stinger
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

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When it comes to reliability, the HyperX cloud is truly unfailing. From its outer construction all the way to software support, this headset is a tried and true performer. The HyperX Cloud is one of the few headsets to receive official certifications from TeamSpeak and Discord. Not to mention Kington’s free 2 year warranty that speaks volumes about the company confidence in its product and in it’s quality.

It’s hard to believe such an enticing option can be available at such a low price point but Kingston somehow manages to do it. The lack of vibrant looks might leave some people a little sour. But it’s important to remember the HyperX cloud’s priorities lie in performing well. What’s a good looking headset good for if you are hardly looking at it half the time? Lets start off by looking at the design.

The HyperX looks like a high-end gaming headset from a distance. But inspecting it up close, you can clearly see that is indeed a midrange headset. Nothing in the headset really pops out much visually. The visual design is kept quite reserved, using mostly muted colors and a simply molded frame. The frame has no flashing lights or bright colors. It’s the simplicity of the visual aesthetic that gives the HyperX Cloud its elegant look. Moving onto the comfort aspect, we have no real qualms, which is rare.

Key Features of the HyperX Cloud Headset

Comfortable padding is provided in abundance where it is needed. The headset slides right on your head without sandwiching it with too much force. Memory foam on the ear cups makes it easier for the headset to adjust to the contours of even the most oddly shaped heads. You can also choose to swap out the standard leatherette cups for the velour ear cushions provided with the headset. It’s a shame that more headset manufacturers don’t implement this level of detail into all of their products.

The controls are all located on the handy in-line control box, leaving the space on the actual headset clutter free. Your options are fairly standard; you can adjust volume levels for the headset and the mic or even mute them entirely. You can ditch the controls entirely if you simply want to plug the headset into your PS4 via the 3.5mm jack. It is important to note that the Dolby Digital Virtual Surround sound will only work on a desktop PC. On the PS4, you are able to only get the standard stereo experience.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as a lot of headsets lose their overall sound quality catering to the virtual surround. In fact, the HyperX actually sounds a lot better than some headsets that do feature Virtual 7.1. The HyperX Cloud is designed to be a closed back over-the-ears headset that provides passive noise cancellation. Once you get the headset on, there is hardly any noticeable audio leakage.

Sound Quality of the HyperX Cloud Headsets

Most of the background noise is kept away from your ears and stays in there. Nothing stands in the way of you from getting immersed in your favorite games or movies. The headset comes loaded with extra goodies you’d never expect from a mid-range headset. Aside from all the necessary cabling, you also get a pack of several 3.5mm extensions, a few phone adapters and one extra pair of ear muffs.

Kingston even goes so far as providing you with an airplane adapter should you take to the skies with the HyperX Cloud. This is great forward thinking by the company considering Kingston has sponsored several Esports players that use their products. Professional gamers spend most of their free time in transit from venue to venue, making this a useful and practical addition to them on their many flights.

The headset performs well even under the most demanding conditions. Game audio really jumps out at you with unmatched brilliance. When playing shooters, the gunshots sound crisp and percussive. Explosions rattle your brain with mind-numbing concussions. Vehicles zoom past you breaking the noise barrier. Softer sounds are pretty evident too; you can hear the crunch of the asphalt as you sprint across it. As always, you can fine tune how apparent these audio noises are in the EQ settings.

High Quality Music Playback for Under $100

Music playback bodes phenomenally well with the HyperX Cloud. The 53mm audio drivers provide a richly textured experience for any genre you can throw at it. There is just enough bass to carry the foundation of the song. While the mids and stay rounded out in the respective domains. Movie audio is kept proportioned to its use. Dialogue is clearly audible during quieter scenes and the sound’s are amped up as soon as there is some action happening, which all headsets should really have built in.

The HyperX Cloud comes with a noise-canceling microphone that sounds very natural and breathable. The microphone takes out all the unnecessary noises out of your recording without taking away any air in the sound. There is an added level of warmth on voice quality of the headset, making even the most high pitched voices sound less grating. Echo cancellation is also delivered right out of the box delivering clean vocals. An additional feature of this headset is that you can remove the microphone.

Kingston Value with an Affordable Price Tag

Entirely if you don’t feel like you have any use for it. The HyperX Cloud is made by computer parts manufacturer, Kingston. The company isn’t exactly a household name in the gaming gear industry, but that is slowly starting to change. With the HyperX Cloud, Kingston aims to prove that they can make professional consumer headgear just as perfectly crafted as any of their competitor’s products.

The HyperX Cloud isn’t the be-all and end-all headset. But then again, it’s not supposed to be. If you’re the kind gamer that prefers functionality over looks, this just may the headset you need. Committing solely to raw performance power and a no excess baggage attitude, Kingston easily provides the best PS4 headset under $100 for the highest quality. This is easily the best gaming headset under $100.

Key Features of the HyperX Cloud Stinger

The Cloud Stinger is the best budget gaming headset upgraded from the HyperX Cloud II. The headset more or less tries to incorporate the high-end features of the Cloud II in a more affordable package. But the question remains, does it succeed? Let’s find out. The HyperX Cloud should be a shoe-in for anyone looking for a cheap, reliable, no frills headset that does what it advertises. Owing to its value for money and promise of quality, the HyperX proves its worth as the best PS4 headset under $50.

Most of the construction on the Hyper X Cloud Stinger is fairly simple; the headset is made from low-cost plastic. This does give it somewhat of a cheap feeling when you first pick it up. But thankfully the build quality isn’t really compromised. You can tell that everything is assembled together by a team of highly trained professionals, which is essential considering the headset contains a lot of moving parts.

The steel adjusters on the headband allow height adjustments with relative ease. There is a 90 degree of motion on both of the ear cups, causing them to go flush when they rest around your neck. There isn’t a whole lot to say about the looks of the headset. Kingston has kept the visual design fairly bare bones. The HyperX Cloud Stringer only comes in black with the red HyperX logos on the sides of the cups and on the top of the headband. There aren’t many compatibility hiccups on the Cloud Stinger.

It comes with a standard 3.5mm plug that will work on any PC, mobile device and of course the PS4 itself. The cable length is about a meter which then it splits via the included adapter into two 3.5mm jacks, one for audio and another for the microphone ports. The cables themselves are quite durable. However, they aren’t braided which may lead to them being tangled up often, this can be a real pain.

Sound Quality of the HyperX Cloud Stinger

In terms of sound, there is a lot of focus on the balance of audio. There is a definite punch in the bass, but it isn’t overpowered at all. It provides an overall sense of presence without rattling your head. The Hyper-X Cloud Stinger handles clarity well, all of the different audio ranges are accurately reproduced with proper separation. When listening to music, it packs in enough bass, giving true life to the sound.

Headsets in this price range often tend to gloss over a well-balanced sound but the excellent HyperX Cloud Stinger manages to pull it off. There is no emphasis on any specific frequency range. Rather all the sonic capabilities are distributed efficiently. This results in you getting a good, well-rounded and clean sound. This easily makes the HyperX stinger gaming headset the best PS4 headset under $100.

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