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LG Sunset Mobile Phone Review
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

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The LG L33L Sunset is the newest phone out of the line of smartphones by LG. No doubt you’ve heard of the brand before if you’ve done any kind of cellphone purchases in the last few decades. The company has been making phones for a long time along with other consumer electronics and appliances such as computers, laptops, washers, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioners, cook tops, ovens, hoods, air purifiers, humidifiers, TVs, cinematic sound bars, and headphones. They are well renowned for their quality products that are available at affordable prices. They have won countless awards as a result of this and have been featured in several magazines and publications.

The LG L33L Sunset is designed to be sleek and smart phone that does everything you want out of it. The phone boasts some of the newest features when it comes to smartphone tech. Its affordable price point also makes it a go to choice for a cheap affordable phone that will fit most basic and some advanced needs. The phone is available under the TracFone network. By buying the LG L33L Sunset you will enter a standard monthly contract with TracFone. You will also be offered features such as triple minutes which will give you free calling minutes and text every time you make a call or send a text.


Visually, the LG L33L Sunset is very modern and sleek looking. The headset boasts some of the best features when it comes to visual elements. The phone comes in a standard slab shape with rounded edges. The back of the phone is slightly rounded to better accommodate the contours of the hand. It is decently sized where it is small enough to be compact but large enough that you can see everything on the screen clearly. The phone is completely operable with one hand and fits into the hand rather nicely.

The phone has a very unique layout where there are no buttons on the front or the sides of the device. Instead, you can find the volume and power buttons on the back of the device in a little concave curve. This makes it really easy to change the volume or unlock the phone without moving. The buttons are arranged in a way that will not make you accidently hit them when you’re holding the phone. Under the back cover you can find the battery, the microSD slot, and the sim card slot for the phone.

There are no additional hardware navigation buttons such as the back button, the home button, and the overview button. Instead, the LG L33L Sunset features a floating software navigation bar for performing these functions.


The LG L33L Sunset comes with high fidelity cameras to capture your most prized moments. The front camera has a resolution of 0.3 Megapixels, while this may not be the most ideal resolution for a front camera it should be fine if you don’t do any video calling. The back camera on the other hand is a powerful 5 Megapixel camera that can take really high resolution pictures. The camera has a host of features such as auto focus and flash for low lighting environments. The video recording on the phone is especially great and you can capture videos in 1080P resolution.


The LG L33L Sunset comes with a 4.5 inch FWVGA display made up of TFT. The screen has a display of 480p with a resolution of 854 x 480. While this may be a bit small for some users it is large enough to make the phone’s display look crisp and vibrant. Apps like Youtube will work well for 480p video streaming. You’ll also be to carry out most everyday tasks such as messaging, viewing videos, making documents, viewing spreadsheets, and playing games.


The LG L33L Sunset comes with just enough storage to suit all your everyday needs. The phone boasts an internal memory capacity of 8 GB. This will be more than enough for storing your pictures, installing your apps and keeping all your contacts and messages. As always, If you find that the internal space on the phone is lacking, you can always increase it by adding an external memory card.

The phone has native support for a micro SD card which can boost the storage of the phone into upwards of 32 GB. This means that the phone can support a maximum of 40 GB of combined storage. This will be more than enough to store all your pictures, movies, podcasts, eBooks, apps, games, and songs.

Battery Life

The LG L33L Sunset comes with a massive 1900mAh battery that will your phone juiced for long periods of time. The talk time of the phone is around 10 hours which should be more than enough for standard use. If left uncharged, the phone is perfectly capable of being on standby for up to 10 days and 12 hours. This more than what most phones will offer currently. If you do happen to run out battery you can always plug it in the outlet. The phone has a lighting fast charging speed that will have you going again in minutes.

Another great feature of this phone is that the battery is completely removable. This means that you can always take a out a faulty battery and replace it with a working one.  This also means that you can keep two fully charged batteries on you for more battery life. There are even some aftermarket batteries with larger capacities that you can swap out with the stock battery.


In terms of performance, the LG L33L Sunset does not shy away one bit. The phone features a fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2 GHz Quad core processor. This processor provides a quick and responsive experience when operating the phone. The phone is also equipped with 1 GB of Ram which will help you run memory intensive apps as well as allow you to seamlessly multitask different applications at the same time.

The phone supports the newest iteration of Android 5.0 Lollipop OS. This means that you will be able to run the newest and latest apps and games as well as enjoy a host of new security features and improvements. The phone also comes pre installed with popular Google apps such as Gmail, Hangouts, Youtube, and others.

You won’t experience and hang ups, freezing or lagging with this phone. It works just as its supposed to and sometimes even better. There is no surprise of LG’s expert craftsmanship when it comes to a decent performing phone.

Additional Features

Aside from the all the main points of interest, the phone also come pre-equipped with a bunch of desired features that will leave you satisfied. In terms of connectivity, the LG L33L Sunset comes with basic essentials such as WiFi and the newest version of Bluetooth. Where the phone really shines is that it also includes 4G LTE which will provide you with very fast internet browsing and streaming on the go.

The phone also comes with its own dedicated GPS sensor that wil help you immensely in navigation. When paired with powerful navigation apps like Google Maps, you will be able to seamlessly navigate your city without having to look at physical maps or ask people for directions.


The LG L33L Sunset is a fantastic phone at a fantastic price point. It provides great performance, visual design, features, and durability in one complete package. Leaving you with an offer you simply can’t refuse.


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